Baroque Music with a Difference!

What could the Lithuanian birbynė (an original Lithuanian woodwind instrument) and Renaissance
and Baroque music of Western Europe have in common? The answer lies in this specially composed
international chamber music ensemble, Reversio. The idea behind the ensemble, to play early European music using original Lithuanian instruments, became their mark of originality, while the expressive and contrasting sounds of the birbynė are suprisingly similar to early wind instruments, such as the cornett, recorder, oboe and chalumeau. While performing the early music the birbynė reveals nuances and colours unheard so far; it highlights the flexibility of compositions and offers a new look at the early music as well as other musical genres, be it classical or contemporary.

Reversio was found by Darius Klišys (birbynė / hornpipe - Director) and Mindaugas Radzevičius (organ / harpsichord) in 2004 (Lithuania). An exclusive feature of the ensemble is that the early music is played with an original Lithuanian woodwind instrument birbynė (reed-pipe or hornpipe). During that time the ensemble’s music has been heard not only in the concert halls and churches of Lithuania, but also in Germany, France, USA, Cuba, Poland, Italy, Ukraine. Musicians of Reversio ensemble are changing depending on the program. Usually there are three to seven musicians playing in different programs. The repertoire of the ensemble is mainly consisting of music created in the 16th and 17th centuries in Lithuanian and Polish territories. Also, there is a strong focus on early Italian Baroque.

Musicians those who participated in Reversio programs since 2004: Darius Klišys   (birbynė, LT), Mindaugas Radzevičius (organ, LT), Marek Toporowski   (harpsichord, organ, PL), Krzysztof Firlus   (viola da gamba, PL), Eugenijus Čiplys  (birbynė, LT), Irmina Obonska   (harpsichord, organ, PL), Sergej Tcherepanov  (harpsichord, organ, RU/DE), Nora Petročenko (mezzo-soprano, LT), Jurgita Šalčiūtė (mezzo-soprano, LT), Laurynas Vaitkus (tenor birbynė, LT), Algirdas Jademskij (soprano birbynė, LT), Olga Persits (organ, RU/DE),Vytautas Švažas (percussion, LT), Barbara  Köbele (violin, DE), Armgard Luders (viola da gamba, DE), Katja Kuzminykh (viola da gamba, DE/RU)


Reversio – Biagio Marini "Ciaccona"